About us

We believe that with 15 years of experience behind us, we can provide the best service for those who care about their web presence.
About us


Our first websites were put together as a hobby, but now it has become our profession to create excellent websites.

Over the years of web development, we have grown and learned a lot, we have become real perfectionists, so there is no incomplete or unfinished work, just as there is no unfinished project.

Every site we create is a piece of us, so we believe it's important to build a long-term relationship with our clients and to give them a secure point of reference.

We pay special attention to the relationship with our clients, and the facts prove us right, as there are few clients who have not returned or recommended us to their friends and colleagues.

What makes us different?

  • We provide a complete service
    We offer all services related to websites. We have everything under one roof, so our customers don't need to bother with multiple providers.

  • We keep in touch personally
    We have a single owner for each project, so our clients always have a single person to contact with questions and requests.

  • We guarantee
    We work on your website until it is perfect. And if we make a mistake, we'll fix it under warranty, we won't disappear!

  • Our profession is our hobby
    We love to dive into new projects every day and do valuable work. Our goal is to have a quality online presence and as we see it, there is room for improvement in the local website industry.

Company information

  • Title: Total Studio Kft.
  • Registered office: 2096 Üröm, Asztalos utca 14/B
  • Location: 1064 Bp., Vörösmarty u. 47 /a - 202/204 iroda
  • Tax number: 14410615-2-13 (HU14410615)
  • Company registration number: 13-09-225189
  • Account holder bank: OTP Bank
  • Account number: 11705998-21283846-00000000
  • IBAN: HU10 11705998-21283846-00000000
  • SWIFT code for HUF: EUDIHUHB
  • SWIFT code for foreign currency:: MAVOHUHB
  • Year of foundation: 2008
  • Ownership background: 100% Hungarian

the rest is history ....

Total Studio Ltd. was founded in 2008 by a partnership of two companies (FGC Systems, OBiNet) and two individuals (TVDesigns, NetFace) who have been successfully collaborating on several projects since the early 2000s. Thus, although TotalGaming Ltd. and its web division TotalStudio was incorporated in the summer of 2008, its history goes back much further than that.

The merger was followed by a series of investments and the creation of our own web server, dedicated solely and exclusively to serving the websites we create or that our clients bring to us. The professional experience gained in the years preceding the creation of the company was thus concentrated in a new company, which, although with a fresh design and structure, was waiting for its prospective and returning customers with the quality they were used to.

But the company's development did not stop there. Thanks to a steady flow of orders and growing interest, the first version of our website was completed in 2009 and the backend of our hosting service was reorganised. We are now ready to serve an increased client base.

In the meantime, we have continued to develop our own CMS systems, which have provided - and continue to provide - a solid foundation for our projects, be it a company presentation site, a webshop or a complete portal.

Our goal is - and will continue to be - to meet our customers' unique needs, in line with the ever-changing web and creative trends and technologies, using the same high standards we have become accustomed to, but with much easier administrative processes.

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