Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is essential if you want your website to rank as high as possible on search engine results pages. It's a complex task, but we know exactly what you can do to get a better position.
Search engine optimisation

All our websites are search engine optimised, which means that they follow a set of technical rules that help the website to achieve the best possible ranking in search engines.
However, the optimisation itself depends on you, i.e. on the content you upload to your website.

before we start

In terms of search engine optimisation, there are two important tasks for the developer and the owner to carry out during the design phase: keyword research and site analysis.

keyword research

Keyword research is an operation that anyone can do, but when done by a professional, it can reveal data that can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. This may include whether users are searching for the keyword at all, and if so, with what synonyms and how much competition there is.

sitze analysis

Before starting, it is also worthwhile to scan the website with an SEO eye. It's not just the technical solutions that are important, but also the content on the site itself. Without the right content, it is impossible to achieve a good position in the search engines. The quantity, quality and titling of the text are all important from an SEO point of view.

Design your site for your visitors, not for Google!

A business-oriented website that is not visited by enough people can lead to the company growing at an inappropriate rate or stagnating. Whether you're looking at a non-profit or a business website, one of the most important goals is to make sure it is found by as many people as possible. And traffic and effectiveness are two closely related factors in the world of the Internet.

Many people think of "good content" in SEO terms as nothing more than repeating a keyword as many times as possible. That's search engine optimisation done and the website immediately jumps to the top of the rankings.

But it's not that easy!


The site should be designed primarily for visitors, and the design, copywriting and training should be done to provide them with content that they like. If visitors get the information they are looking for, then you are already on the right track from an SEO perspective.

Of course, keyword stuffing is very important, however, if it were enough for search engines that a page contained the keyword and its synonym a thousand times, then everyone would choose this method. As was the case a few years ago. But as time has gone on, not only has technology improved, but search engines have become much smarter...

Do you want a well-optimised website?

We'll analyse your competition, assess your options and provide you with the best advice to ensure your website ranks well in search engines.


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