Webshop development

The hallmark of a good online shop is that visitors can quickly and easily navigate through the products on offer and that they encounter few factors that discourage them from buying. Such webshops are suited to the profile of the business, since a food company will need a very different kind of webshop from a mechanical engineering company.
Webshop development

Our company is one of the few that does not want to resell a free software or rent out a mass webshop.
The webshops we create are 100% unique, i.e. they are always tailored to the customer's needs.

tailored to individual needs

Custom development is almost a necessity for online stores, as without it, full customer satisfaction is often unattainable. And although they usually take longer - and are more expensive - to build than their instant counterparts, unique features and modules ensure that they stand out from the crowd and make customers order the product they want.


A good online store is much more than what your customers see! Behind the scenes, systems are running that make the various processes and sales itself much easier. Whether it's an invoicing system, a warehouse management system or a supplier link.
We know the impossible, we can make your online vision a reality with almost no limits.

simple user interface

The easier you can manage your products and orders, the more time you have to focus on customer acquisition. Our webshop administration interfaces are simple and flexible by default, but we can also customise them on request to suit your needs.


flexibly expandable

When starting up a business, it is often enough to have a "simple" online store in the market. But as orders multiply, so do the administrative tasks. We know exactly how to speed up and simplify administrative processes, either by retrofitting existing modules or by custom development.

billion in revenue

We've managed projects ranging from a few tens of thousands of forints to a 10 million forints a month webshop. This is your guarantee that the webshop that meets your needs will be exactly what you dreamed of and what you need.


When designing and building an online store, you may have a number of questions. What, how, why? We know the ins and outs of launching and running an online shop. Feel free to ask questions and we'll clear up any doubts you may have from the first meeting.

we are at home in the webshop

With over 50 webshops delivered, we guarantee that we won't make a mistake with yours!
We have never handed over an online shop that has gone bankrupt.
We have a long-standing, good relationship with our webshop partners.

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Every online store is a little different

All online shops are the same, because they all want visitors to shop. Yet every online shop is a little different! One is better than the other for some reason, people like it better. And while price is often the deciding factor, it's not always the reason why people choose an online shop.

Let's face it, we're not miracle workers either! We alone can't get your online shop off the ground! We can only promise you that our online shop will be one that your prospective customers will love because it is easy, convenient and secure to shop in.

What's our secret? We design every online store to suit the product you want to buy. Somewhere it is necessary to offer product variation management or similar products, but there are some stores where these are completely unnecessary or downright confusing. And this is just one factor...

It's worthwhile to have a meeting to discuss how you envisage selling your product, and we'll make suggestions for both optimisation and implementation.

Webshop creation with years of experience.

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It's not enough to create your online store!


All our customers are made aware of the fact that it is not enough to program and launch an online store! Online sales are a highly competitive sector, and the only way to stay in business is to attract customers to your online store and to retain existing customers. One of the best ways to do this is to run an Adwords campaign or Facebook ads.

However, in addition to professional sales promotion techniques, we must not forget the content of our website! An online shop should be worded in the same way as any other website, i.e. with as much and as unique content as possible. It is not enough, for example, to copy product descriptions from another site, as this can be more of a disadvantage in search engines than an advantage. In addition, it is also worth keeping an eye on the competition and analysing what you see.

The potential customer must be caught and held, but this is no longer a programming issue, but a marketing one...


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