Megjelent a CakePHP 2.0

Megjelent a CakePHP 2.0, cégünk részéről ez azért fontos hír, mert új CMS -ünket ez a keretrendszer hajtja, így hamarosan a CMS a 2.0 -s CakePHP -val fog működni. Többek közt az egész keretrendszert meggyorsították, a PHP4 et dobták, mostantól csak PHP 5 -re koncentrálnak. HMTL 5 és CSS3 támogatást erősítették, új hibakezelést, és email küldést integráltak. egy szó mint száz szebb jobb gyorsabb, meglátjuk a gyakorlatban miként szerepel.
  • We have dropped PHP 4 support and we have refactored all the code to be strictly compliant with PHP 5.2+.
  • Use of native features like exceptions, PDO, SPL, json_encode and much more.
  • Embraced the PSR-0 recommendation for file naming. Now all your classes map to a file with the same name. Less things to remember!
  • New Error and Exception handlers provide easier to configure, and ease working with errors such as page not found, unauthorized error and lots more.
  • Improved I18n functions for easier multilingual development.
  • Support for injecting your own objects to act as CakePHP libraries, such as component, helpers and behaviors, no more excuses for modifying core files.
  • Console libraries rebuilt from scratch, automatic help generation, parameter checking, and colors!
  • New Request and Response objects for easier handling of HTTP requests.
  • Better session handling for easier custom engines. Put your sessions into storage systems like Memcache with less effort.
  • Completely refactored Auth system. It is now easier to configure and plug in your own implementations for external login services or your permissions system.
  • Brand new email library with support for multiple transports. With easy to use global configuration, logging, and charset support.
  • Dropped SimpleUnit in favor of PHPUnit. PHPUnit is the defacto testing framework for PHP with support for more options, better mock objects, and improved console output [16]
  • Reworked the SecurityComponent to not suck less, now you can more easily protect your apps against CSRF and form tampering attacks while having fun.
  • Improved support for PostgreSql, SQLite and SqlServer, they are now first class citizens along with Mysql datasource.
  • HTML 5 form inputs support in form helper.
  • A Sexier default look taking advantage of new CSS 3 features.
  • A lot faster, almost everything is now lazy-loaded, and even on debug mode you will feel your applications flying.
Megjelent a CakePHP 2.0